Study Programs

Intercultural communication training


The aim of communicative competences training in our institute is to improve the ability of pupils and students to perform international business tasks more effectively and to employ the highest level of language etiquette. 



Öffentliche Vorlesungen und Seminare(Eng)


Language Schools

The main mission of the institute is a well-organized communication between Eastern and Western Europe, and intercultural exchange in the educational innovations. The process of language learning takes place implicitly, as a derivative incentive for acquisition of new information. Communication with native speakers and immersion into the specialized environment are the main principles of study. 



Our institute provides exchange opportunities for professionals in different spheres.

If you are an employee and you wish to improve your professional skills by gaining experience in a foreign company working in your industry, contact us.




Cultural and educational trips

We invite you to test with us the reality of another city through the cultural research perspective. Draw your own map of the city you’ve come to!

Upcoming trips:




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